We will be staying at the bayou lagoon Melaka¬†for our next vacation. It is all booked and we are ready to go. I couldn’t be more excited about this since we have not gone on vacation in five years.

It will be just my husband and I and we will be celebrating our anniversary. We planned this trip for a long time because we wanted it to be perfect. We thought about a lot of different places but decided on the bayou lagoon park resort as the place to go.

We have some friends who went there last year and they loved it. I got online, looked at some photos and decided it was where we wanted to go too. We wanted somewhere nice and different from anywhere else we have ever been. I know it will be a good trip for us.

We still need to plan what we will do each day that we are at the bayou lagoon park resort. There seems to be a lot of options and I am glad we are going to stay there. It will be a good experience to stay there.

Life has been stressful lately and we need a little bit of a break. It will be nice to get away and not have to worry about work for a few days. It will be great to take a break and have everything be a little simple for us.

I plan to take a lot of photos when I am there. I am sure there is a lot to see and I don’t want to miss any of it. I plan to make a scrapbook of the trip when I get back home so I will need a lot of photos for that.


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How is the hotel?

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